Any home’s windows will eventually need to be replaced, and doing so will normally require a significant investment. When it comes to Window Replacement Atlanta residents have many options to choose from, which can make the process seem more difficult than it actually is.

Generally speaking, there are three basic types of Windows Atlanta homeowners most often select for their own houses. With each of these three general kinds of windows having its own distinctive advantages, it will normally be wise to evaluate them all.


Three Basic Kinds of Windows, Each With Many Variations

There are hundreds of different models of residential windows on the market at any given time, but the vast majority can be assigned to one of three established categories. While details like glazing and special features often matter a great deal, the material used to construct a window’s frame is an even more fundamental consideration.


In practice, most windows available to homeowners today are made from one of three commonly seen materials. With each of these having its own particular benefits, the three most ubiquitous window frame materials are:

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Wood. Natural wood is used in many construction-related applications. Wood tends to be somewhat affordable, while inevitably having a certain warm, organic appeal that is difficult to duplicate by other means. Wood’s biological origins, however, make it susceptible to certain problems that must always be accounted for. Wooden windows, for instance, can succumb to rotting, mold, or mildew if not maintained properly.

Vinyl. Inexpensive windows made from hollow vinyl are found in many Atlanta area homes. As vinyl is a rugged, resilient plastic, windows made from it tend to need relatively little maintenance. On the other hand, vinyl needs to be handled carefully and installed in ways that will not be suitable to every home.


PVC. Windows made from cellular PVC improve on plain vinyl in a number of ways. Since PVC windows are more structurally strong than those made using vinyl, they can be installed more or less like wooden ones. At the same time, PVC also resists mold and mildew growth just like vinyl, making it a generally well-rounded choice.

Experts Are Ready to Help Make the Best Choice Clear

When the time arrives for a Window Replacement, products made from one of these three materials will most often be up for consideration. By choosing the right Window Company Atlanta residents can be confident of receiving informed advice that will make it easier to choose appropriately.

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